Dias De Destruccion (Austin, TX) Nov 19-21

We have decided to put up tickets for sale, since we have gotten a lot of e-mails of out-of-towners asking if it will get sold-out. Were having it in the small stage, the capacity is 300 so it may sell-out. If you want to risk it, that's up to you. If your traveling or just dont want to risk it.

You can buy your tickets at

Their will be no tickets for the Thursday show...Just show up early.

Thursday Nov 19th 2009
Beerland 21+ 9pm $5

Mundo Muerto
Night Siege
The Altars

Friday Nov 20th 2009
Emo's All Ages 8pm $8

Pinata Protest
The Young

Saturday Nov 21st 2009
Emo's All Ages 8pm $10

No Slogan
Ratas Del Vaticano
Mundo Muerto
Los Margaritos


Records For Sale:

Records For Sale:
All orders Post-Paid in the United States(As long as the order is $10 or more)


Avskum "From Reality To Nightmare" 7" (retarded Records) $8
Bomberegn "S/t" 7" (KicknPunch) $5
Control Del Estado "Acto criminal" 7" (Burrito records) 43
Conversions "S/t" 7" (Namennayo Records) $4
Deathreat "S/t" 7" (PIC Records) $4
Dog Soldier "Ghosts" 7" (WID Label) $4
Drunken Boat "Turn It" 7" 44 (Salinas Records) $4
Final Youth "No Surrender" (Bronze Fist records) $4
Hjerte Stop "Aarh, Fuck..." 7" (KicknPunch) $5
JellyRoll Rockheads "Intense and Mild" 7" (625 Records) $8
Kieltolaki "S/t" 7" (Moo Cow Records) $4
Moderat likvidation "Kottahuve" 7" (havoc rex) 44
Moderat likvidation "Marionett I Kedjor" 7" (Havoc rex) $4
Moderat likvidation "Nitad" 7" (Havoc Rex) $4
Plan R "S/t" 7" (Blind spot Records) $4
Skitkids "Valkomna Till Paradiset..." 7" (540 Records) $4
Sleeper Cell "S/t" 7" (PIC Records) $4
Terrorain "1988 demo" 7" (Burrito records) $3

Split 7"s
Beyon Description/Contatto 7" (Disastro Sonoro) $3
Disclose/Cruelty 7" $4 (Room 101) $4
Varukers/Krunch 7" (Boot) $6
Die Human Race Flexi (P.E/Skuld) W/Assrash, Fleas and Lice, State of Fear, etccc) $3

Acrostix "A chain of hatred" lp (WID Label) $9
Bombs Away "10 song ep" Lp (Ex Talik Is Poison) $10 (LTD 50 Red Versions)
Filth of Mankind "The Final chapter" Lp (Black Water) $8
Gorilla Angreb "Beder tider" Lp (Feral Ward) $8
Lack of Interest "s/t" 7" (Deep Six records) $8
Motorbreath "Outside Ralph's" Lp (Wasted Sounds) $9
Tuomiopaivan Lapset "Discography" 2xLP $10
Warfear "Dead, Unburied, Forgotten" LP (Crust war) $9

Only 1 copy of these: Doubles/My own copies/Etc...
(All records in near mint condition)

Hermit Prose "down Beats Sect 7" (Crust war) 7" $5
Gorilla Angreb "Long Island b/w Supersyn" 7" (Splid Af Vinyl) $5
Sic "Jungle Hop Years" 7" (Boot) $5
Meanwhile "The Show Must Go On" 7" (Feral Ward) 7" $5
Iron Age "Constant struggle" LP (Young Blood Records) $10
Jughead's Revenge "13 Kiddie favorites" LP (Byo Records) $7
The Wynona Riders "J.D. Salinger" LP+7" (Lookout Records) $10
Dead Boys "Younger, Louder..." Rough Mixes" Lp (Bomp Records) $10
Doom "Fuck Peaceville" 2xLP (Grade a Thrape) $16
Grabass charlestons/Billy Reese Peters LP (No Idea) $7
@patia No "Creados para la paz" (HG Fact/Etccc) $4
Plan R "S/T" (Blind Spot Records) $4
Nukey Pikes "Three men and a monkey" (Heart Fist records) $5
Masskontroll "Warpath" (Havoc Rex) $4
Germ Attack "Canadian Concentration Camp" (Capitalcide) $4
Infierno de Cobarde "Ciudad Monstruosa" (Self Released?) $6
Episode "Dear Friends" (Self Released) $5
IExcuse/The Tim Version 7" (Snuffy Smiles) $4
The Urchin/The Tone 7" (Snuffy Smiles) $4
One Leaf/The Urchin 7" (Snuffy smiles) $4
The Urchin/The Thumbs 7" (Snuffy Smiles) $4
Coitus "Real Cold Fear" 7" (I F Records) $4
Resist and Exist "Dare to struggle" (Spiral Records) $4
Resist and Exist "Vultures" 7" $4
Pissed "s/t" 7" (Profane Existence) $4
The Urchin "Another day..." LP (Broken rekids) $8
Masskontroll "Warpath" 7" (Havoc Rex) $4
Iexcuse/The Tim Version 7" (Snuffy Smile) 44


Atoxxxico "Discography" CD (Cryptas/Chancla) $6 (Used good condition)
Los Monjo "Rock Basura" Cd (Accion Directa) $3

Cash and Money Orders only...

E-mail me if your interested! (I will not reply to this, so e-mail me)