EDDIE IRON MAIDEN (eddieironmaiden) wrote in japanesepunk,

reccords/cd's/tapes for sale

i need some cash so i am selling this shit. i dont want to sell on ebay, so send cash offers to

young wasteners 7"
river city tanlines "im your negative" LP
mg15 "clonycore" cd
nightmare "scatterraw" cd
nightmare "the early years" cd
conclusion 7" $4 (japanese title) hgfact 168
atoxxxico "todo el stuff" cd (discography on chancla/cryptas)
massacre 68 "live/demo" cd
masacre 68 "no estamos conformes" cd
blood spit nights "ghoulish reminders" 7"
blood spit nights "full metal jacket" 7"
blood spit nights "only for the hardcore" 7"
deathcharge "plastic smiles" 7"
religous war "asylum" 7"
hellshock/effigy "split" 10"
disclose "tragedy" LP
disclose "nightmare to reality" LP
gloom "vokusatu seisin hatansha" LP
order/warhead "split" 7"
A.I. "aint no slaves" 7"
Inepsy "see you in hell" 7"
hellshock "world darkness" 7" (tour ltd 200 screened covers)
forward "act then decide" 7"
defector "punk system destroy" 7"
last survivors "chaos is here" 7"
lebenden toten "dead noise" 7"
no hope for the kids "angels of destruction" 7"
effigy "grinding metal massacre" 7"
effigy/havaistys "split" 7"
avskum "from vision to nightmare" 7"
liberate "never fading away" 7"
tragedy "can we call this life?" 7"
confuse "discography" cd (jpc3)
lost sounds "demos and outakes" (3 7"s boxset)
atoxxico "tu tienes la razon" tape (sealed)
atoxxico "tv" tape

remeber i have to pay postage...so send offers with that in mind.

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