EDDIE IRON MAIDEN (eddieironmaiden) wrote in japanesepunk,

Records For Sale:

All orders Post-Paid in the United States(As long as the order is $10 or more)


Control Del Estado "Acto criminal" 7" (Burrito records) 43
Conversions "S/t" 7" (Namennayo Records) $4
Deathreat "S/t" 7" (PIC Records) $4
Dog Soldier "Ghosts" 7" (WID Label) $4
Drunken Boat "Turn It" 7" 44 (Salinas Records) $4
Kieltolaki "S/t" 7" (Moo Cow Records) $4
Moderat likvidation "Kottahuve" 7" (havoc rex) 44
Moderat likvidation "Marionett I Kedjor" 7" (Havoc rex) $4
Moderat likvidation "Nitad" 7" (Havoc Rex) $4
Skitkids "Valkomna Till Paradiset..." 7" (540 Records) $4
Sleeper Cell "S/t" 7" (PIC Records) $4
Terrorain "1988 demo" 7" (Burrito records) $3

Split 7"s
Beyon Description/Contatto "Split" 7" (Disastro Sonoro) $3
Disclose/Cruelty "Split" 7" $4 (Room 101) $4

Acrostix "A chain of hatred" lp (WID Label) $9
Bombs Away "10 song ep" Lp (Ex Talik Is Poison) $10 (LTD 50 Red Versions)
Filth of Mankind "The Final chapter" Lp (Black Water) $8
Gorilla Angreb "Beder tider" Lp (Feral Ward) $8
Lack of Interest "s/t" 7" (Deep Six records) $8
Motorbreath "Outside Ralph's" Lp (Wasted Sounds) $9
Tuomiopaivan Lapset "Discography" 2xLP $10
Warfear "Dead, Unburied, Forgotten" LP (Crust war) $9

Only 1 copy of these: Doubles/My own copies/Etc...
(All records in near mint condition)

Misery/Hellspawn "Split" 7" (Shit For Brains) $15
Gorilla Angreb "Long Island b/w Supersyn" 7" (Splid Af Vinyl) $5
Sic "Jungle Hop Years" 7" (Boot) $5
Meanwhile "The Show Must Go On" 7" (Feral Ward) 7" $5
Iron Age "Constant struggle" LP(Young Blood Records) $10
Jughead's Revenge "13 Kiddie favorites" LP (Byo Records) $7
The Wynona Riders "J.D. Salinger" LP+7" (Lookout Records) $10
Dead Boys "Younger, Louder..." Rough Mixes" Lp (Bomp Records) $10

Doom "Fuck Peaceville" 2xLP (Grade a Thrape) $16
Grabass charlestons/Billy Reese Peters LP (No Idea) $7
@patia No "Creados para la paz" (HG Fact/Etccc) $4
Plan R "S/T" (Blind Spot Records) $4
Nukey Pikes "Three men and a monkey" (Heart Fist records) $5
Masskontroll "Warpath" (Havoc Rex) $4
Germ Attack "Canadian Concentration Camp" (Capitalcide) $4
Infierno de Cobarde "Ciudad Monstruosa" (Self Released?) $6
Episode "Dear Friends" (Self Released) $5
IExcuse/The tim Version 7" (Snuffy Smiles) $4
The Urchin/The Tone 7" (Snuffy Smiles) $4
One Leaf/The Urchin 7" (Snuffy smiles) $4
The Urchin/The Thumbs 7" (Snuffy Smiles) $4
Coitus "Real Cold Fear" 7" (I F Records) $4
Resist and Exist "Dare to struggle" (Spiral Records) $4
Resist and Exist "Vultures" 7" $4
Pissed "s/t" 7" (Profane Existence) $4
The Urchin "Another day..." (Broken rekids) $8

Cash and Money Orders only...

Messege me if your interested.
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